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Founded by Anna Hussmann in 2020, Kitty Pawtrol serves New Hanover and surrounding counties. Beyond its TNR program, KP’s goal is to provide education to the community on the value of spay/neuter. KP partners with local fosters/rescues to assist in placement when appropriate (such as a litter of kittens or friendly cats). Already to date, KP has helped with dental surgery, infection control of various wounds, eye removal, and amputations (the last being a cat that was hit by a car and needed to have his front leg amputated as well as fixing a broken jaw. He is healed and living a life pain free thanks to KP and the partner veterinarian!).   KP believes in being a voice for the unwanted/unseen community cats.

Board of Directors


Anna Hussmann - President

Anna has always been an animal lover, particularly a cat lover and always knew she wanted to help them but never quite knew how. In 2019, she moved into a new home and discovered it came with a momma cat and her 3 kittens. This was the first time she really came in contact with a community cat. She started researching what options were available and discovered TNR. After much educating, reading, and watching others she realized this was the way she would help. She wants to be the voice of the voiceless and help them live the best lives they can in their outdoor homes.


Rachael DePriest - Secretary

Rachael was born into a family with two cats, Bogey and Cleo, that raised her in tandem with her loving parents. As the years went on, she continued to love animals and went on to foster many cats and dogs. When life brought Rachael to Wilmington, she fell in love with the wonderful community cats and was looking for a way to give back and get involved in her new community. Rachael found Kitty Pawtrol and dove in, helping to transport cats and participating on the board as Secretary. Rachael adopted a big, goofy mutt named Howard who is a big believer in TNR and loves to scope out undiscovered cat colonies in support of Kitty Pawtrol. While it's not clear whether he wants to meet or eat the cats, he certainly loves them. 


Alyx Quincey - Vice President

Alyx has lived in Wilmington for about 20 years now - "Guess that makes me a local." Her current demon fluffs are Tortuga Bean and Gustav Badtz Maru, otherwise known as Tooga and Gus Gus. She works at NHRMC so that the two fuzzbutts are fed and have a constant supply of poop sand. She is a huge animal lover and would love to adopt all the kitties, but instead joined with Kitty Pawtrol to help all the kitties. 

Mabel & Lily.jpg

Whitney Lawson - Treasurer

Originally from Virginia, Whitney has lived in the Wilmington area now for 19 years with her husband and fur babies. This includes a tabby named Lily and a puggle named Mabel. She agreed to take on the Treasurer role for Kitty Pawtrol due to her love of animals and money, although she is fully aware the money is for the kitties. When she's not working, she likes to watch Ted Lasso and any baking championship show that's on. She also collects anything owl related. If she could, she'd have an owl as a pet.


Tanya Ambrose - Member at Large

Tanya came to Wilmington in 2020 from Asheville NC where she was involved in another cat nonprofit. She met  Anna in Wilmington and wanted to help out kitties here so joined the ranks of Kitty Pawtrol. She has 4 kitties of her own, give or take a couple of fosters. All have been rescued off the streets and are now enjoying having complete control over her life. Tanya's hobbies include scooping litter boxes, opening canned food, going to the vet, and enjoying the beach when time allows.


Paula Clarity - Member at Large

Paula Clarity has been a cat lover since her family adopted a male kitten they named Sheik. Since Sheik, Paula has had the privilege of raising (in chronological order) Shadow and Fantom, Pookie, Nermal, Odie, and Garf, Pinky and Agador Spartacus (he liked to be called by his full name) Toonces, Smelly Cat (aka Lee) and currently Maggie May, Dale and Stanley. She is very proud to say every one of these cats were adopted and possibly saved from the feral life.

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